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I graduated from University a few years back, and during my time there when I was strapped for cash, I turned to popular reselling sites to fund my nights out and my creative projects instead. Getting £15 for my favourite trousers I’d bought on there previously for £40 (with the added postage fee’s & marketplace fees attached) never went a long way, so I was curious to see what else I could do with my pre-loved clothing. 
I built up a relationship with someone who had a keen interest in women’s shoes – I’d give them my old, worn, smelly shoes & they would repay me with a big sum of money. It was a win-win for me & them. But when telling my family & friends about it in a nonchalant, naive way, I was responded with a lot of concern for my safety & the sexualised subject of it: “Does the guy know your address?”, “Can he track you down?”, “What happens if he does and he attacks you?”. I wasn’t phased by these responses, as I’d built up a trusting friendship with the buyer & I also knew their circumstances, but understood completely why there were risks and concerns around the matter from the sad, horrific stories that had happened to others that had engaged in this type of hobby or business before.
I introduced other people to the buyer and as the buyer got busier & popular I turned to the internet to see if there were any sites where I could sell my worn pieces of clothing to others alike. I was confronted with lots of sites charging extortionate membership fees & sites where it looked untrusting & seedy (I didn’t know & didn’t trust the kind of people behind them). I was also confronted with sites where sellers were primarily sex workers, and I felt a need to respect their area of work and their turf, as I was just someone looking to make some extra pocket money. 
This didn’t leave me with a whole lot of options. Any times I tried to post my clothing on eBay or Depop, I was responded with a ban on that product for the sexual nature of the posting. So I decided to make my website for me, my friends & any other people out there that want to join. I wanted to make something that sellers can feel protected and safe on, but also the buyers. I’d heard sad stories from my buyer of times where they had been blackmailed, manipulated and robbed of their money and it made me feel disappointed and sad. Lots of people have fetishes, and as long as they are legal, consensual & make that person feel happy and liberated, then I never saw a fault and that they should be treated any differently.
So welcome to Moomee, a place for inclusivity. 
Whether you’re making money to pay the bills, buy your art supplies or even towards a nice holiday away, it’s nobodies business & there is no reason to feel ashamed. Whether you’re buying products for yourself in the open, or secretly, that is completely normal & your decision! We can’t allow others to sexualise us and chose what should be sexualised, and for that to be okay for free, but when we want to cash in on the idea, we’re made to feel dirty and inferior. We’re here to break the stigma, to build a community, and to take back the power. This is about feeling sexy in yourself, getting that cash & doing what you want to do with it, but feeling empowered and safe in the process.

“As long as you’re happy & it’s not hurting anyone, then do whatever the fuck you want"


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